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From Below

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  • From Below
  • Darcy Coates
  • Page: 480
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  • ISBN: 9781728220239
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Notes From Your Bookseller If, after you read From Below, you click through to Darcy Coates’ name here on our site, you will see the depth of her horror oeuvre. We once asked, “How many ways can Darcy Coates scare us?” Just know, speaking of depths, that fear goes as far below as it does above. While a haunted house skims the top of land, what do you make of a haunted ship? Follow the sonar signal at your peril. "Creepy, claustrophobic, and thoroughly frightening." —Booklist Darcy Coates, author of The Haunting of Ashburn House, pulls us under for mesmerizing ghost story about a documentary dive team that discovers a terrifying secret. Hundreds of feet beneath the ocean's surface, a graveyard waits... Years ago, the SS Arcadia vanished without a trace during a routine voyage. Though a strange, garbled emergency message was broadcast, neither the ship nor any of its crew could be found. Sixty years later, its wreck has finally been discovered more than three hundred miles from its intended course...a silent graveyard deep beneath the ocean's surface, eagerly waiting for the first sign of life. Cove and her dive team have been granted permission to explore the Arcadia's rusting hull. Their purpose is straightforward: examine the wreck, film everything, and, if possible, uncover how and why the supposedly unsinkable ship vanished. But the Arcadia has not yet had its fill of death, and something dark and hungry watches from below. With limited oxygen and the ship slowly closing in around them, Cove and her team will have to fight their way free of the unspeakable horror now desperate to claim them. Because once they're trapped beneath the ocean's waves, there's no going back. Also By Darcy Coates: The Haunting of Leigh Harker The Haunting of Ashburn House The Haunting of Blackwood House Craven Manor The House Next Door Voices in the Snow

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